Easy Decor for your Vintage Tea Party

easy decor for your vintage tea party

There’a always a reason to invite your gal pals over for a cup of tea. In this post you’ll find easy decor for your vintage tea party. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be formal, you are not serving the queen. Girls love to be girls, so don’t hold back on any feminine decor you may have! Pearls, diamonds, flowers, pink, and more pink. Tell your girls to wear their most romantic, frilly dress. Garnish every corner of your table with flowers, pearls, rose petals, and chocolate. Here are some fun ideas to get your started!

Tiered Cake Stand

If you want a traditional feel, a tiered cake stand is easy decor, displaying the sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle, and small sweets on the top level. I like having two, one on each end of the table with a variety of sandwiches. Amazon has them in many colors and styles. Garnish with flowers in between sandwiches and make sure there is enough room for your tea!

Teacups and saucers

I find all of my teacups at thrift stores and antique stores. Even Etsy has some very cute and dainty ones. Make sure each person coming has one and they can all be different. 

Mirror trays and vintage platters

Mirror trays are perfect for serving truffles and chocolates. Paper lace doilies are cute to place underneath, so that any grease will be absorbed by the doily. Make my dreamy chocolate truffles and serve on a mirror tray!

Fresh Flowers

Buy a bouquet of small red and white roses. Take a single flower and place it in one of your medicine bottles or mini jars and place through out your home.  Arrange flowers in low urns or pitchers so you are not pushing flowers aside to chat with the girl across from you. Small pink roses, baby’s breath, and white or pink hydrangea provide a vintage and feminine look.

Vintage books

create a stack of two to three vintage books and tie them up with a lace ribbon. I love this ribbon from Michaels. Source books from used bookstores or Etsy. Run a pink linen through the decor on the table. The shop called Linen Lark on Etsy has beautiful linens! 

Strands of Pearls

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Grab your pearls from your jewelry box and intertwine them through out your table and draping them on your cake stands. Simple decorations that you already have in your jewelry box! 

Rose Gold Silverware or... Rosegoldware?

Plastic silverware is totally fine. Target has a ton of plastic rose gold and they look real! Keep the pink theme going! 

A few other fun things are white lace, doilies, anything pink, and medicine bottles or mini jars to place fresh flowers in. Light some candles and spritz some rosewater at the entrance to your home. There’s nothing like a perfumed scented arrival, and pops of pink and romance to announce your vintage tea party. I hope you enjoyed this easy decor for your vintage tea party! 








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