How To Make DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

How To Make DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

Who doesn’t love a homemade easy to make DIY scrub? You probably have all the ingredients in your home already! DIY rose sugar scrub  is such a great exfoliant and makes your skin silky smooth, especially in the cooler months when it’s SO dry outside. I recently discovered rose geranium essential oil from Mountain Rose Herbs, and instantly fell in love with the fragrance. It’s so lovely, and lingers in the air as you walk by, smelling like a sweet garden flower. 

Did I Mention It’s Inexpensive and Easy To Make?

All these ingredients cost way less than buying a tub of scrub at lush or online. You can use half a jar of trader joes coconut oil, a little sugar. That is exactly 7 dollars total. The essential oils may be a little costly up front, but it will last a long long time because a few drops go a very long way. If you want to save even more money, olive oil is a great substitute. Costco has a massive 2 liter jug for 16 dollars. I like to use organic coconut sugar or the raw, coarse sugar from Trader Joes.

The sugar acts as an exfoliant. That’s what I like to order the coarse sugar. I keep the jar in my bathtub and scrub my arms vigorously mixed with warm water. It’s so moisturizing!!! Your skin is the biggest organ and you are absorbing it into your body, so don’t skimp and buy something too cheap! It’s also great to have out in a pretty dish at your tea party!

A Cute Personal Touch!

Who doesn’t love a sweet, homemade gift with your touch to it! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and bridal showers. 

Write a little card, hole punch it and loop a pretty ribbon through it and around the jar with a message like:

“A little self care goes a long way


Mrs. Barnes.”

Your gal pals will love you for it!! I promise.

Let's Make it!

So as winter turns to spring, and the air is dry, I hope this easy to make DIY rose sugar scrub moiturizes your skin and keeps it soft and smooth! I keep mine in a mason jar in my bathtub and use it generously when my skin is craving it! Enjoy!

How To Make DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

How To Make DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

Keep your skin moisturized, soft and silky smooth! 

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Total Time10 min
  • Ready in15
  • Yield2 cups

    What you need:

    For the burger

    • 2 cups coarse sugar
    • 2/3 cup organic coconut oil. I love Trader Joes.
    • 1 cup dried rose petals
    • 2-3 drops essential oil. I love rose geranium Lavender or orange blossom is also lovely. 

    Preparing the spices


    Pulse petals in food processor. Mix the petals with 2 cups of sugar, 2/3 cup coconut oil and 2-3 drops of rose geranium essential oil.


    Spoon into jars. Leave in shower and apply with a little warm water.  Makes 2 cups/ or a pint. 16 ounces could divide into four 4 ounce mason jars to give as gifts. 








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