How to Make a Bee Balm Oxymel

bee balm Oxymel

So you woke up with a scratchy sore throat? I have the perfect remedy for you! A bee balm oxymel is a delicious and spicy herbal remedy to relieve soar throats or just simply add to a cocktail or mocktail! I love to use a nice white balsamic vinegar that yields a milder flavor and allows the bee balm to shine through! 

What is an Oxymel?

An oxymel is an ancient drink consisting of herbs, vinegar, and honey.  Oxymels literally mean “acid honey” and they are made with vinegar and honey. You can sip on them or add them to a cocktail or tea. 

bee balm oxymel

What is Bee Balm?

Bee balm or wild bergamot is a beautiful quirky looking flower reminding me of something you would find in a Dr. Suess book. Hence the name, bees are very attracted to it, and it makes a wonderful addition to your garden.

Naturally rich in thymol it’s used as an antiseptic in medical applications. It’s also antibacterial and antiviral, and supports the immune system with the onset of a cold.  Infused honey for example soothes a sore throat. 

It’s also known as oswego tea or Indian plume. Bee balm was used by the native Americans as a cold remedy and later became a popular replacement for tea in New England after the Boston Tea Party. 

bee balm

What Does Bee Balm Smell Like?

Being in the mint family, bee balm has a fragrance very similar to bergamot. Bergamot is the used to flavor earl grey tea. The red flowers have more of a citrus flavor and the mauve flowers have a spicier flavor. 

How to Use Bee Balm

Harvest fresh bee balm from your garden, preferably in the morning. Strip the petals and leaves and wash them lightly in cold water. Chop roughly to release some of the flavor.  Other than taking an Oxymel for medicinal purposes, here are some other ways to incorporate bee balm into your life!

  • Add a tablespoon of the Oxymel to sparkling water to give it a sweeter and spicier flavor

  • Use the petals in a salad to spice it up and add some pretty color

  • Dry the flowers and make a tea from it to alleviate nausea or menstrual  cramps

bee balm Oxymel

Why Use an Herbed Infused Vinegar Anyway?

  • Vinegar is a natural preservative and keeps your herbs lasting longer 

  • Vinegar has ascetic acid, which helps extracts plant’s constituents such as alkaloids and other volatile oils which make them more bio- available to us. 

  • Vinegar traditionally has been used to lose weight since it curbs your appetite. 

  • Herbal vinegars taste really nice and are easy to incorporate in your daily diet. 

I hope you enjoy this quirky Dr. Seuss flower while it makes its debut in spring!! 

How to Make a Bee Balm Oxymel

bee balm Oxymel

A bee balm oxymel is made with vinegar, honey, and petals from this funky little flower. It’s a perfect remedy for a sore throat, or you can simply add it to sparking water as a spicy and sweet addition! 

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Ready in2 weeks
  • Yield1 cup

For the burger

  • 1/3 cup bee balm flowers and leaves
  • 1/3 cup honey 
  • 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar or a white balsamic vinegar 

Preparing the spices


Place flowers in a jar loosely


Pour honey over them. Add vinegar and fill it to the top of the jar. Stir it to combine. 


Place a piece of wax paper between the jar and the lid to eliminate any rusting. Give the jar a good shake, and store in a dark place away from light and shake almost daily if you can remember.


After two weeks, strain the plant material (it’s called a mark) and transfer to a clean jar. 

Add a tablespoon to your morning tea or simply take a shot. I love adding it to cocktails as well! 








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