10 Easy Entertaining Tips For Being the Best Hostess

How To Be The Best Hostess!

So you’re hosting your next gathering. Maybe it’s your first time, and you have no idea where to start. Well, take a deep breath, it’s very simple. Little touches to add go a long way at your gathering. These 10 easy tips will show you how to be the best hostess! Let’s say this is for a generic party- cocktail, dinner, or just a girls night.  First impressions do matter, and there is much more to say on appetizers, drinks, conversation and table settings, but let’s get down to the basics first!

  • Create a hygge like atmosphere. Hygge is a danish word meaning intentional coziness. So bring out those candles, books, dimly lit lights, and beautiful music to accompany your space. My favorite book on hygge is called The Little Book of Hygge, by Meik Wiking.
  • Make sure and text your friends the address ahead of time, preferably that morning, reminding them the time, directions, parking, and anything else you may want them to know. 
  • Get a head count so you know how much food and drinks you need to prepare. Give yourself enough days in advance to grocery shop, and prep.
  • When people arrive,  take their coats and purses and let them know where you are placing them. I like to lay everything on my bed, since no one will be going into the bedroom. You don’t want any clutter in the main room! 
  • Always offer a drink upon arrival. Make sure everyone has a glass in their hand at all times basically! Water is a must, but have a few options too- alcoholic and non alcoholic. Check out some of my entertaining must haves in my shop! 
  • Have some hor dourves out in a few different places ideally. A cheese board with a few different types of hummus in the main area, and in smaller spaces, a bowl of olives or nuts for grazing will keep people fed and happy until dinner.
  • Buy a few bouquets of wildflowers and separate them into a few vases or mason jars and place one in the bathroom, at the entry, and between the appetizers. I love the 4$ bouquets from Trader Joes! 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help while you are entertaining! Your friends want you to enjoy this as well, so assigning an easy task to them is perfectly fine! 
  • Plan as early as you can. I love prepping things like chopping veggies the night before, or making the hummus the night before. Leave as little as possible to the day of, so you can be as relaxed as possible! 

There you go! 10 easy entertaining tips for being the best hostess! Remember, there’s nothing worse than a manic hostess running around looking stressed. That doesn’t give a great impression, and your energy will carry into the room. So relax, grab a glass of wine with your friends, and give yourself a pat on the back for having a fun party. You did a fabulous job! XO 








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