Top 10 Basic Manners to Remember at a Dinner Party

table manners

The holidays are rolling around, and whether or not you are attending a Christmas party, Friendsgiving gathering, or Shabbat dinner, it’s always polite to remember your basic manners. Here’s my favorite top ten things to think about when attending a gathering this fall! 

  1. Don’t be late! If no one is there yet, offer to help the host. 

  2. Bring a small gift. A bottle of wine is the easiest answer, but I love making something special, like pickles or flavored vinegar with a recipe attached. 

  3. Ask if you can help with anything. Setting the table, or just opening a bottle of wine can go a long way for a busy host. 

  4. Keep your elbows in when you’re eating, especially if you’re sitting close to someone else. 

  5. Speaking of elbows, keep them off the table too! 

  6. Sit up straight. Shoulders back, chin up. It makes you look confident. 

  7. Chew with your mouth close and definitely don’t talk with your mouth full of food! 

  8. Ask people about them. Express interest in their jobs, family, or even their week. This is one way to keep friends- for more on this, read How to Win Friends and Influence People. 

  9. Don’t get up from the table when you are finished until the host decides to get up .

  10. Offer to help clear the table and load the dishwasher. The host will appreciate it so much! 

Formal or casual, these are just some simple suggestions to maintain a great first impression… or lasting one! Let me know in the comments what your favorite is! 








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