Etiquette I Learned During Quarantine


Manners Can Be Fun...

But we must remember our manners in small group situations, where we are living in a space together for quite a while. Not only does etiquette come into play now, but also during the holidays, work events, and other occasions. Here is some etiquette I have learned during the quarantine.

Let’s be honest, we never expected this type of 2020. My dad dubbed this new decade as “the soaring 20s.” Well..that unfortunately never lived up to its name. Not yet at least. We don’t know how long we will be in this situation. This cramped, ambiguous uncertainty, living in tight quarters with family, children, partners and/or pets. Whatever your situation is, I can bet you want it to end as much as I fervently do. 

In a recent study, we start craving social connection and cohesion when we are forced to spend time alone. We are human beings and being around one another is exactly how we thrive! Yes, a little bit of alone time here and there is wonderful for self reflection, sigh, but not for this long!

So What Can We do to Just ....Get Along?

Remember to simply be considerate. Manners are defined as you being self aware, but more importantly, socially aware. And that is where etiquette comes along. Here’s an example. If someone is speaking on the phone, in a room, with the door closed, give them that time, with out any interruptions. However, if you are that person, kindly excuse yourself from the living quarters, and let the group know you’ll be on a call for whatever time. 

A little Alone Time May Do...

Take some time alone..also known as self isolation. Wait… aren’t we isolating ourselves now? Yes, but I mean… SELF isolate, away from family and partners. Everyone deserves a little alone time to reflect, reset, and breathe. Choose an activity like watercoloring a sunset or sketching the view in front of you. Creativity can open up to endless possibitlies. You deserve 20-30 minutes of peace in your day, so do your best to sever yourself from the group. Are you learning any quarantine etiquette yet? Keep reading…

Remember Aretha Singing "Respect"...

Respect everyone and treat them how you want to be treated. This is the golden rule as you may know! If you want to be heard at the dinner table, ask questions about other people’s day, and in turn they will most likely ask you back. More on polite dinner conversation in another post, because there is far too much to say! Just remember how important kindness and compassion is right now.

Self Care

Try and do one thing every day to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Type in 30 minute HIIT routine, or yoga on youtube. Take a warm herbal bath before bed. Make my rose body scrub for an aromatic experience! You can methodically paint your toe nails and massage oil into your hands. While doing so, try this green tea face mask using pantry staples! 

Call a Meeting

Hold weekly family meetings to create a sense of schedule and forced togetherness. It will help if you feel a loss of control. You can use this time to review the week, individual obligations, menu and meal planning, and use this time to schedule your face time calls with your friends and family. Family meetings are also great for setting expectations. At the beginning of the quarantine, we set some ground rules. For example, we don’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, and of course agreeing on a pleasant room temperature through out the day. 

Routines Can Be Fun!

Keep a routine, as you would otherwise, and get into a rhythm as a unit. Maintaining a simple routine, such as eating dinner together and going to bed at the same time, has a stabilizing affect. Yes, you can wear sweats all day, but getting dressed in the morning may have a surprising affect on you. William and I have been eating together at 5:30 (yes very early) every night, and powering down around 9. A family that eats together stays together! 

Just Be Nice!!

Be empathetic towards your better half. They may experience ebbs and flows of feeling sane, and wanting to claw their way out of the house. Assume they are sensitive first. Perhaps, they just need a hug, and to be told, “everything will be ok. This too shall pass.” 








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