Best Cookie Baking Tips From Vintage Cookbooks!

Vintage Cookie Baking Tips

Grandma knows best when it comes to baking right?! I’m an avid cookbook collector, always seeking more vintage recipes to recreate! Most of the cookbooks from the 1950s call for shortening (gasp!) which is rarely used in baking today, but all of these nostalgic treasures contain so many helpful tips! So, shortening aside, I’ve put together a list of some of the best cookie baking tips from my vintage cookbooks! 

  1. Use an oven thermometer – Joy of Cooking, 1931

  2. Bake in the center of oven if one rack is used. If tow, divide oven in thirds with racks. – Betty Crocker’s New Picture Book, 1961

  3. Use baking sheets or pans at least 2 inches narrower and shorter than oven so heat circulates around it.  – Betty Crocker’s New Picture Book, 1961 

  4. Unless a recipe gives other instructions, always grease baking sheet with butter or coat with nonstick spray. – Joy of Cooking, 1931 

  5. Use an inverted metal pie pan for the last bit of cookie dough. – Joy of Cooking, 1931

  6. Rotate the cookie sheets halfway through baking, turning them from to back to ensure even browning. – Joy of Cooking. 1931

  7. It’s best to let butter, flour, eggs, nuts, and other ingredients, warm up almost to room temperature before using, otherwise it won’t cream properly and could affect the temperature of the dough. – Joy of Cooking, 1931

  8. Cream butter alone by stirring, rubbing or beating with spoon or electric mixture, until softened. Add sugar in small amounts, cream after each addition until all graininess disappears and mixture is light and fluffy. – Elegant Desserts, 1955 

  9. Sift all flour except whole grain types before measuring. Spoon lightly into measuring cup. Level with straight edge knife or spatula – Elegant Desserts, 1955 

  10. Remove cookies from pans to cooling racks as they come from the oven, unless otherwise directed. – Elegant Desserts, 1955 

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